Jonathan Walker, M.D., M.S., EEG, B.C.N., QEEG/D


Jonathan Walker, M.D., M.S., EEG, B.C.N., QEEG/D is a medical doctor, a Board Certified Neurologist. For forty-five years Dr. Walker has studied, researched, and taught in the field of neuroscience. Neurotherapy Center of Dallas is the result of those years of medical experience. This clinic is a traditional neurological practice with forward-thinking, cutting-edge approaches.

Dr. Walker is intensely involved with the discovery and use of ways to help patients heal, rather than just to suppress their symptoms. He combines his traditional neurological medical practice with QEEG-guided neurotherapy (EEG-neurofeedback) which is a successful non-drug treatment for a variety of medical conditions including ADD, ADHD, Addiction, Anxiety, Behavior Disorders (anger, rage), Bipolar, Chronic Pain, Depression, Closed Head Injury, Dyslexia, Head Injury, Hyperactivity, Learning Difficulties, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Peak Performance, Sleep disorders, Sports Injuries, Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury.

Dr. Walker, a nationally recognized pioneer in the field of neurotherapy, is Past President of the QEEG Certification Board.

He has received The Career Achievement Award from the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, and also The Presidential Recognition Award from AAPB, an international society for mid-body research, healthcare and education.
Dr. Walker has found that neurotherapy is more effective when it is guided by the QEEG (brain map) and when the sessions are monitored by trained therapists who offer guidance for this effective, advanced treatment. All of his clinical procedures are painless and non-invasive. Dr. Walker looks forward to seeing you in his office to help you gain a better understanding of the brain and body.