The 300 Agency

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Mission Statement

We endeavor to represent athletes with honesty, integrity, transparency, and passion; to communicate effectively with our athletes; to help them understand what is required of them both on and off the field; and assist them in being the salt of the locker room by being men of High Character, Morals and Ethics.

Why Choose The 300 Agency?

When deciding on which agent to choose, wisdom is the necessary key. 300 Sport’s approach to representation stems from partnership. Building a successful NFL career requires that an athlete and their representative enter into the relationship by being partners, not just athlete and client. Acting as partners means that each person must look after one another, be honest with each other, communicate effectively with each other, and must hold one another accountable for their decisions and resulting actions. Relationships fail due to a lack of either of these qualities.

At 300 we promise to be accountable to you, the Athlete. We will answer the phone when you call and will be open and honest with you regarding your career. It is our job to give you the best advice and present you with all your options, and we will do that and more. It is never our job to only tell you what you want to hear; but 300 Sports will always give you an accurate reflection of the situation and assist you in making the best decision for you, your career, and your personal future!

What makes The 300 Agency unique?

In choosing 300 to be your agency, you will be acquiring a team of professionals that is invested in the whole athlete. We will emphasis a holistic approach that includes building both the mind and the body.

In Attorney Naidoo, you are getting a seasoned attorney who has spent the last 13 years representing, negotiating, and settling hundreds of cases. Mr. Naidoo has built a network of relationships throughout the country with people who will help our athletes achieve their dreams of playing in the NFL.

Through our partnership with Dr. Randy Naidoo, we have a physician on our team that has spent thousands of hours practicing medicine and knows what it takes to medically take care of your body and nutrition. Dr. Naidoo will be part of the team that gets you ready for the grind of the NFL season.

In helping our athletes achieve a competitive advantage on the field we have learned that the brain is one of the most important components of keeping our athletes on the field and injury free. Through our relationship we have partnered with Jonathan Walker, M.D., M.S., EEG, B.C.N., QEEG/D who is a Board Certified Neurologist. For forty-five years Dr. Walker has studied, researched, and taught in the field of neuroscience. His clinic is a traditional neurological practice with forward-thinking, cutting-edge approaches which will help our athlete’s process and heal quicker.

Rounding out the team you receive the expertise of one the world’s best athletic trainers in Ronnie Braxton. Coach Braxton has spent his entire career in training athletes to achieve their goals of making it to the NFL. What sets him apart is a unique understanding of the brain and anatomy of the athlete. He is a trainer that seeks to translate the athlete’s body and movement into a customized training program that will allow them to compete at a high level in the NFL.

Our goal is simple—to make our athletes the best in the business, both on and off the field!


At The 300 Agency, we set out to provide each of our clients with a complete package of management, training, and medical support so clients can concentrate on doing what they do best—being great! As a result, the services offered at The 300 Agency cover a wide range of necessities that each athlete, regardless of age, stage, or competition level, will encounter.
Though each athlete is different, and every individual is treated with the attention and care specific to their unique needs and requirements, The 300 Agency offers the following services:

Academic Advising

Career Development

Combine Training

Community Involvement

Contract & Endorsement Negotiations

Draft Preparation

Financial Planning

Insurance Services

Legal Services

Medical Services

Strength, Speed, and Conditioning Training

Tax Planning