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Here at RSA we pride ourselves on results. We teach athletes mental and physical toughness which in turn helps the athlete gain an edge on their competition with weight training! Our Strength Training Program is broken down into four parts:

F.A.S.T. – Functional Accelerated Speed Training

Progressive Body Weight Strength Training

Functional Strength Training

Traditional Strength Training

The Body Weight, Functional and Traditional Strength Training Programs are geared toward teaching proper form and technique to prevent injury, to gain and maintain strong muscles, and to increase speed and explosive power. Strength Training is a skill that is needed to be a competitive athlete at the youth, middle school, high school, college and professional level.

YOUTH ATHLETES that are competing at the regional and national level will gain an edge by using the Progressive Body Weight Strength Training Program. This type of training includes but is not limited to body weight exercises like push ups, squats, dips and step-ups. Our Youth Athletes will NOT lift weights at this stage of the program. Teaching proper form is more important. Because the program is progressive a few elite youth athletes may progress to the Functional Strength Training Level!

TEEN ATHLETES will start with the Progressive Body Weight and Functional Strength Training Program. Our Functional Strength Training includes but is not limited to tire flipping, sled pulling, sledge hammers and box jumps. Each session will be monitored and supervised at all times to insure the safety and progression of each athlete. Athletes must be clear to move to the Strength Training Program.

COLLEGIATE ATHLETES will have a Strength Training Program that is designed for their particular sport to prevent under training muscles that are frequently used and that are important to their sport.

PRO ATHLETES can expect a customized killer Strength Training routine unlike anything you have every experienced before! Here we will incorporate all four parts of our Strength Training Program for an overall, full body workout.

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